1 General

Monsterrhino Motion is an independent stepper motor controller.

The MonsterrhinoMotion card can be controlled via three different ways: over predefined USB commands, over predefined CAN commands or by programming the MonsterrhinoMotion card directly using the Monsterrhinostep-Lib for the ArduinoIDE.

It can run up to 4 stepper motors at once - in parallel. The powerful MCU combined with our advanced firmware (multitasking capable - up to 6 user tasks) allows you to control stepper motors in the most simple way - you can program it with the Arduino IDE or with more advanced IDEs. Our firmware allows you to program the card at a high level e.g. you tell the motor to rotate continuously, make a 100 steps, etc. Further key features are limit switch connectors for each motor, encoder connectors, digital sensor inputs and digital/analog outputs. The CAN interface offers reliable high performance communication with other devices such as Monsterrhino Motion, Monsterrhino Control, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and many more.


  • 4 stepper motors
  • 12 digital inputs
  • 1 digital output (with load)
  • 3 analog outputs
  • 1 emergency jumper/switch

1.1 Modes

As shown above, the Motion has two modes.

-Normal mode: After a reset (press button P1 once) the Motion is in normal mode and the serial LED (D11) is blinking (existing USB-connection required).
-Boot mode: This mode allows you to program the Motion.

This animation shows you how to enter in these different modes: